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Date: Satruday 19th of October 2019

Time: Starting 9:30 am

Venue: Esplanade du Lac, Aix-les-Bains

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Registration closes 16th October 2019 23:59 or sooner if places sell out.

“Cycling for all” tours are organised for individual participants riding bikes, e-bikes or prototypes in the following categories:

  • Tour Challenge
  • Tour Aventure
  • Tour Découverte
  • Tour pack collection at the Grand Prix village on Friday October 18th between 5 and 7 p.m. , or on Saturday 19th at 8am
  • Included: Goody Bag, Refreshments (Aid Station on the Route), tombola gifts from Abus, La Compagnie des Bateaux and others
  • GPS location of the Venue (Esplanade du Lac, Aix-les-Bains) :
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Tour découverte

  • Discovery Cycling Tour

58km – 578m D+


Start: 9:30 am ONLY

  • Discoery Cycling-Cruise 

45-minute Boat cruise Conjux-Aix at 12pm and 4pm

38km – 365m D+

Start: 9:30 am and 1:30 pm

51 km

Tour Aventure

  • Adventure Cycling Tour

51km – 816m D+


Start: 9:30 am ONLY

  • Adventure Cycling-Cruise

45-minute Boat cruise Conjux-Aix at 12pm and 4pm

31km – 603m D+

Start: 9:30 am and 1:30 pm

81 km 1

Tour Challenge

  • Challenge Cycling Tour

83km – 2km D+ (Circuit of the Grand Prix)


Start: 10 am

  • Challenge Cycling-Cruise

45-minute Boat Cruise Conjux-Aix at 2 pm

62km – 1 837m D+

Start: 10 am

Cycling for all categories:

All bikes, e-bikes and prototypes are welcome to participate to Cycling for all tours.

REGISTER for the Cycling for all tours 19/10/2019

Click here to register for the Cycling for all tours.

Challenge is set V1 2018-11-14

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Road E-Bike Grand Prix – 19/10/2019

Participants to the Grand Prix will cover a total distance of 166 km with a total gain of 4036 m, going up the Relais de la Dent-du-chat and up the Col-du-chat twice. Maximum battery capacity: 500 Wh.

Full Program

Check out the Grand Prix program details…

Grand Prix Village

Activities and discoveries about Sports, Wellness and Mobility for everyone at the Grand Prix Village