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Who rides Road E-Bikes ?

Thanks to the continuous progress in motor weight and battery integration, road e-bikes perform like conventional road bikes but with the possibility of going further distances and to higher elevations when and where desired. The new bike category is being adopted by passionate cyclists who simply want more.

Road E-Bike Racing Story

“Coming from Dubai where I managed numerous international sports events, I see enormous potential in the growing incorporation of technology in sports. Putting road e-bikes in competition both in an athletic and technological battle by creating manufacturers (and client) teams is such an exciting prospect I could not believe it had never been done before. I developed the concept in the French Alps and reached out to the bike and motor systems manufacturers to organize the first Road E-Bike Grand Prix of its kind. I can’t wait to see how the first road e-bike racers will cope with our specifically designed route and see the ranking evolution in the following Series.”

Samba Ngwana

What’s next ?

A one-off race will not be enough to launch the new sport as explained by Vital Coach Events team. This is why they are already working on the “E-Road European Series 2020” for the road e-bike racing teams to keep challenging each other.

Meet the Team

Savoie Sports Organisation association is dedicated to developping sports activities on the values of wellness, gender balance and sustainability. When the idea of developping an event around e-bikes was born, Savoie Sports Organisation contacted Vital Coach Events who proposed the Grand Prix format, developped the new sports regulation and brought its expertise to organise the first ever Road E-Bike Grand Prix around the beautiful Lake of Bourget.

Vital Coach Events is a sports events organisation company based in Savoie, France. We specialise in creating innovative, outdoor sports events that tend to attract affluent participants and spectators with active lifestyles.

Samba - iron man Dubai 2016


Founder & CEO

of Vital Coach Events (VCE)

Certified fitness trainer
Strength and conditioning specialist
Track record of international events organisation: Dubai International Triathlon, Iron Man Dubai, Abu Dhabi International Triathlon Union,… EP pic 14


President of

Savoie Sports Organisation

Born in the Alps, Emeline is fond of nature and believes in the power of sports to convey values across genders and cultures. Track record of ground breaking projects in the field of renewable power systems



Intern at

Vital Coach Events

Natural leader, Vince lives his passion for sports as captain of his football team at FCC when he is not studying his Masters in Sports Business Management at the University of Toulouse Capitole

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