Volunteer for innovation



(IREBGP* : International Road E-Bike Grand Prix)

He/she is the one who ensures the event is a success, the one who gives of his/her very best effort to see everyone happy, hydrated, energized, and to grow the community. Volunteers are the backbone of a warm and exciting event.

In an innovative event like the road e-bike grand prix, they are the key persons instructing, clarifying, communicating to the spectators and motivating the athletes on the Grand Prix Village and Routes, and most of all, ensuring their personal safety and those around them.

WHO do we invite for the mission as VOLUNTEERS?

Our highly esteemed volunteers must be 18 years and above, friends, families, male or female of all backgrounds (students, workers, not working, athletic or non-athletic), we appreciate your voluntary services.

Pride of Our Volunteers:

By volunteering to this event, you can be pride in helping with the creation of a new sports – Road E-bike racing whose values include:

  • Promoting innovation in sports
  • Cycling for all
  • Fitness lifestyle
  • Gender equality in Sports
  • Soft and clean mobility (e-bikes, e-cars, e-boats)

As a Volunteer, you will:

  • Be part on the exciting activities on the Grand Prix Village, tours and racing on the road.
  • Discover the e-mobility exhibitions
  • Contribute in welcoming the new community of E-road Cyclists into the cycling community.
  • Meet new people
  • Develop your skills and network
  • Make our magnificent region a place to be in.

Would you like to be part of this exceptional experience as a volunteer?

If yes, please fill the form below to join our many excited volunteers, happy to be part of this new sports – Road E-bike Racing.

Contact us via info@roadebikegrandprix.com if you have any question. See you at the Esplanade du Lac – Aix-les-Bains, 19th October 2019, where together we will make history.