Good day everyone,

Everything is in place for the first edition of the Road E-Bike Grand Prix - Tous à Vélo next Saturday: municipal and prefectoral authorisations, racers are trained, exhibitors and partners are motivated and medias are eager to attend the event.

Only the weather does not seem to evolve in our favour. All the weather forecasts, which often conflict, now seem to agree on rain showers all weekend long.

In this perspective, the organising committee has decided to be reasonable and to postpone the launch of the new sport until next spring and more precisely until the weekend of 16 and 17 May 2020, which we all want to be sunny.

The event will keep the same format with the Grand Prix de vélos de route à assistance électrique and Tous à Vélo activities for all ages.

We thank the partners and volunteers for their support and patience until next May.

As for the racers, we will organize inter-season outings together to follow their training and the evolution of their strategy until D-Day.

See you next May with as much energy and motivation as ever, just a little less rain!

Warm regards,

The Road E-Bike Grand Prix - Tous à Vélo Team

Road E-Bike Grand Prix

Individuals and Teams (Male, Female or mixed teams) competing on an unprecedently challenging course over 166km and 4,000m+ elevation. Muscles or batteries simply aren’t enough. Here you need both and the best strategy to manage them !

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"Cycling for all" tours

Organised for individuals on bikes, e-bikes or prototypes for families and friends looking to discover the surroundings, feel new sensations and challenge themselves.

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Sports, Wellness and Mobility Fair

The Grand Prix village offers numerous activities and discoveries about Sports, Wellness and Mobility to the entire family.

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What is the Road E-Bike Grand Prix?

The Road E-Bike Grand Prix puts road e-bikes in competition for the very first time.

Road e-bike racing is a sport that brings together both the cycling and motor sports communities for exciting competitions in spectacular venues.

Road e-bike athletes need the mental and physical strength of conventional road cyclists, as well as the technological and strategic approach of the best electric motor pilots in order to win races.

Why do we do it ?

In addition to hosting a unique and spectacular event in a world-renowned location, The Road E-Bike Grand Prix promotes cycling for all, soft mobility, and health & wellness.
The Grand Prix is also 100% gender balanced, challenging and rewarding female and male athletes equally.


A new era begins

We at Vital Coach Events are passionate about the multiple possibilities E-Bikes bring with them.

E-bikes expand the potential to connect people from different backgrounds and different athletic skill levels by making the ride more dynamic. This is what the second day of the Road E-Bike Grand Prix is made for with the E-Sensation tours open to all bikes (conventional, electric and prototypes) and to all age groups.

E-bikes address three major challenges we face as a modern society: Health, Mobility and Energy. The Road E-Bike Grand Prix is an ideal platform to inspire and exchange ideas about how to address these challenges.